「 進入放視那一刻,是超乎想像的驚喜與發現

放視大賞 Vision Get WILD


Since 2011 ,用心打造屬於新銳設計者的舞台



An annual digital expo which forms and strength younger generation.
Vision Get WILD is the most iconic digital cross-field design competition event in Taiwan, which is organized by Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs and implemented by TAIC. New talents have a stage to shine and showcase themselves, that is why Vision Get WILD exist and its importance to the ecosystem.

Vision Get Wild, focus on students and new arising talents. In mandarin 「放視」, meaning that we encourage every student and participants, light up their passion and enthusiasm for digital design and creativity.

Since 2011 more than tens of thousands of Students, industry, professionals, and attendees to join our community,
Through this process at Vision Get WILD young talents can be discovered through showing works in the exhibition.

VGW Categories:
  • We focus in 6 different Digital geners. (Animation, Gaming, visual art design, Software, Streaming content like filming and series)
  • We are also open to cross field and collaboration.
VGW Forum:
  • We invite experts from different professional locally and internationally to share their expertise and experiences, such as Pixar, Riot, and Blizzard, and more. 
  • Through this process we hope to inspire and motivate to pursue their dream.

VGW Competition:
  • A platform open to Voices: Each participant can propose their creative ideas and showcase themselves.
  • A Channel for companies:  Companies can discover new talents and works via the competition, this helps the industry chain by match making talents with companies.
  • A collaboration between students and companies: Through the collaborations between students and companies, it could  efficiently minimize the gap between what students learn from schools and  the needs from the market .

VGW Demo Site ( Market Oriented ):
  • 1000+ Student Booth and 10+ Companies POB.
  • Talents have the chance to showcase their work to attendees, and the most  effectively and persuasively way to improve is to face the Market Directly.
  • It is an excellent location based showcase for companies to launch their newest products, and the product pre-launch press testing venue. It creates additional value for companies.

VGW Matchmaking:
  • A bridge for students and companies. 
  • Students can have the opportunity to interview and network with companies they fits their interests, and vice versa companies can discover new talents  through matchmaking process.  
  • Through this process we then train potential talents through our second platform, which is call CG ARK Academy.

VISION GET WILD Official Website

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